A medical emergency can strike at any point to anyone of us and that is a scary thought. The only thing we can do is to be prepared as much as we can for such a scenario. We should all be aware of the most common first aid methods and emergency numbers.

Healthy Rabbit highlights some basic tips to follow in case of an emergency until the professionals arrive:

  • Be calm. First and foremost, in case of an emergency, collect yourself before trying to help. We tend to make more mistakes in panic mode, and this could have some severe consequences.
  • Try and keep a first aid kit handy, at work and home. Make sure you label everything and pack it nicely organized in a clean container. Make sure to check the supplies regularly and properly discard any expired or damaged product.
  • Check the vitals of the patient. Once you’ve checked the pulse and breathing of the patient, look for other injuries. In case of severe bleeding, call for emergency services. With the Healthy Rabbit app, you can even ask for an air ambulance.
  • Unrestricted airway. Make sure the patient’s airway is unrestricted. Check the mouth for any foreign objects. In case the breathing has stopped, try CPR.
  • Do not move the patient too much. Often, if a person has fainted, we try to shake them up. Do not do that. Stabilize the patient by keeping them in a resting position until the professionals arrive.

There’s no sure shot way of knowing whether or not you’ll succeed during an emergency. But the only thing you can do is give your best. Be proactive and prepared for any such cases. By downloading the Healthy Rabbit app, you have a better chance of survival. Whether you need an ambulance or home diagnosis, Healthy Rabbit app is there to help. Just log in and find out all the services and benefits of Healthy Rabbit and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.